Argus Solution

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Argus is an open source electronic IDSR solution designed to support Public Health Surveillance.

Argus is composed of an Android application to report data through SMS and a Web platform for its data management, validation and analysis.

Argus supports the IDSR procedures for early detection and response of public health events in compliance with the International Health Regulations 2005.

Argus is multilingual platform and supports extensions and customization of its reports via R scripts.

Argus implementation toolbox provides guidance and tools for countries to:

Understand the functionalities of Argus

Identify if Argus is adapted to your needs

Pilot test and evaluate Argus in an area of the country

Scale-up Argus countrywide, if applicable

The documentation toolbox is composed of the following documents:

A leaflet presenting the tool.

An instruction manual.

A training kit composed of brochures and posters for end users and a visual presentation for training sessions.

An evaluation kit composed of an evaluation protocol and its related questionnaires.

An installation kit composed of an Argus architecture manual and an Argus installation and administration manual.

All source code can be found here: